Accompanying Measure (Component II): Environmental and Social Management in Energy Transmission and Strengthening the Capacities of the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE)

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This project is being implemented in the context of the “Open Program Energy Sector” financed by the German government, the overall objectives of which are to increase transmission reliability and capacity and to improve the security of the energy supply in Georgia. The Accompanying Measure of the “Open Program Energy Sector” shall contribute to accomplishing the Program’s overall objective and shall therefore support the GSE in the sustainable implementation and operation of the Infrastructure Component of the “Open Program Energy Sector.”

In the context of this assignment, the GSE’s capacities with respect to environmental and social impacts management shall be strengthened.

The scope of the assignment includes: 

  • Upgrading and implementing the GSE’s institutional environmental and social management system; and
  • Developing and implementing an institutional stakeholder engagement strategy.

PMCG is undertaking the following activities:

– Providing advisory support in the environmental and social management system’s implementation activities, in particular:

  • Assessing the legal framework and performing a gap analysis;
  • Identifying and analyzing pain points arising from implementation experience;
  • Conducting interviews with the relevant GSE staff; and
  • Carrying out risk assessment and prioritization based on interviews.

– Providing advisory support in the development and implementation of the stakeholder engagement strategy.

– Providing support in connection with capacity development and training planning, in particular:

  • Assessing training needs and identifying key topics for training modules;
  • Preparing training manuals and materials; and 
  • Conducting trainings related to the environmental and social management system.

As a result of the project, the GSE as an institution and its relevant staff will be able to prepare, implement, and operate infrastructure projects independently in line with the EBRD’s Performance Requirements as well as the Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines of the World Bank/IFC.