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On June 18, in the framework of the Good Governance in Georgia (G3) USAID organized a presentation on preparing a program budget. Stephen M. Haykin, USAID’s mission director in the Caucasus opened the event. Officials of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (GoARA), the Georgian government and PMCG participated in the presentation. 

The event focused on sharing the positive experience with the representatives of the government was a conclusion of sorts to the project – “Strengthening Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Institutional Capacity for Program Budgeting” which was implemented by PMCG, under the USAID G3 program that aimed to increase the program capacity of the GoARA, including all agencies of the government. 

As one of the major components of the project, our consultants provided technical assistance to formulate and implement the program budget for 2014 in all GoARA agencies. At the first stage, we facilitated participatory processes of medium term planning and program budgeting, that helped to define the main priorities of the institutions and identify the appropriate steps for the next several years. 

An analytical report of GoARA Program Budgeting Processes, providing a broad description of the processes of developing mid-term priorities, draft programs and sub-programs of the government’s agencies was created. 

After round table discussions and analysis with GoARA, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, PMCG consultants developed a Program Budgeting Manual. 

“The Program Budgeting Manual contributes to represent budget in the form of programs and activities”, explained Irakli Khmaladze, consultant at PMCG adding that “the manual is an efficient tool to clearly see all the planned goals, as well as to evaluate achieved ones”.

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