Program-based Budgeting Workshop Series in the Kyrgyz Republic


On December 3, we conducted a program-based budgeting workshop with the local self-government (LSG) of Karakol municipality in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The workshop focused on discussing the new legislature, instructional materials, the draft of the program-based budget (PBB) structure, and indicators proposed by consultants of PMCG, with the LSG’s representatives.

“The meeting marked another milestone in the implementation of the program-based budget at the local level, as the practical phase of piloting the updated instructions for the formation and implementation of the program-based budget in the municipalities of Kyrgyzstan was launched,” said Temir Burjubaev, Consultant at PMCG, adding that “During the meeting the draft program-based budget of Karakol City Hall was discussed. The high quality of the budget documents of the Mayor’s office was noted. Consultants suggested options for the wording and composition of the budget programs of the LSG, which are better aligned with the updated instructions. Responsible officers of Karakol City Hall and PMCG consultants agreed to jointly finalize the program budget of the city.”

The event was part of the PBB practical assistance and coaching workshop series for LSGs, within the “Improving Program-Based Budgeting and Budget Investment Planning, including Improvements in Sectoral Spending Planning project, funded by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund and implemented by PMCG.

Follow this link for more detailed information about the project: Improving Program-Based Budgeting and Budget Investment Planning, Including Improvements in Sectoral Expenditure Planning

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