PMCG together with GEA is implementing USAID funded Project


PMCG together with Georgian Evaluation Association is implementing USAID funded project ‘Strategic Planning for Ministry of Finance and Economics of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoFEA)”

Start Date: November 2008
End Date: March 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: Ministry of Finance and Economics of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara
Funder: USAID

Description of the Project:

The Ministry of Finance and Economics of the Adjara Autonomous Republic is a part of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Its mandate is to form and implement effective economic policy to provide for stable economic growth of the Autonomous Republic. The MoFEA’s priority goals are to provide financial stability of the Adjara Autonomous Republic’s budget, improve the investment environment, develop regional infrastructure, create a more favorable entrepreneurial environment, increase investments in the regional economy, help create new jobs in the private business sector, reduce poverty and provide for the stable growth of the regional economy.

USAID Public Administration Reform Program (PAR) has been partnering with the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Adjara Autonomous Republic and providing technical assistance to improve the Ministry’s organizational capacity and effectiveness of operations. By assisting with strategic planning, PAR intends to help the Ministry to consolidate its vision on organizational development and improve operations within its mandate and priority activity areas. PAR partners: PMCG and GEA will provide – through facilitation and consulting – technical assistance to the MoFEA in the organizational strategic planning activity.

PMCG and GEA will create and deliver the following products:

  • Summary report on the organizational status of the Ministry of Finance and Economics;
  • Draft strategic plan document elaborated on the basis of the five-day Strategic Planning Workshop report;
  • Draft 2009 Action Plans for each MoFEA department drafted by the workgroups consisting of PMCG/GEA experts and MoFEA personnel;
  • Final drafts of MoFEA Strategic Plan and departments’ Action Plans;
  • Summary reports of stakeholder roundtable meetings on draft strategic documents;
  • Finalized MoFEA strategic Plan;
  • Finalized MoFEA departments’ action plans;
  • Internal monitoring tools and measurement criteria document.

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