PMCG together with GEA is implementing another USAID funded Project in Adjara


A consortium of PMCG and Georgian Evaluation Association (with GEA leading) is implementing the USAID funded project ‘Strategic Planning for Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoA)

Start Date: March 2009
End Date: August 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoA)
Funder: USAID

Description of the Project:

The USAID/Public Administration Reform (PAR) program has been partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoA) and providing technical assistance to improve the Ministry’s organizational capacity and effectiveness of operations. In this respect, PAR has already facilitated a number of performance management trainings for senior and middle level managers of the ministry. It should be mentioned that, based on the discussion with the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, it was decided to develop the strategic plan with the Ministry of Finance and Economics prior to the other line ministries of Adjara, as it defines the budget for other ministries and other governmental structures. PMCG and GEA consultants, under PAR coverage, have already started assisting the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Adjara to develop its 3-year strategy. The SP process in the Ministry of Finance and Economics is anticipated to be completed by 13 March 2009.

PMCG and GEA will develop following activities:

  1. Developing a 3-Year organizational Strategic Plan;
  2. Developing action (work) plans and performance indicators 2009 for each department of the MoA;
  3. Conducting stakeholders meetings to get stakeholders input on the 3 year Organizational Strategy;
  4. Developing internal monitoring tools for implementing 3-year organizational strategic plan and 2009 action (work) plans;
  5. Train MoA managers in internal monitoring methodology;
  6. Conducting monitoring of implementation of the strategic plan.

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