PMCG to Work on Strategic Development of Tourism in Adjara



The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara awarded a contract to PMCG to develop a medium term strategic plan, a relevant operational plan and a performance monitoring and evaluation plan for the region’s tourism sector. 

Our consultants will build up an action plan taking into account the streamlined existing goals of the department. In order to ensure that the department’s staff is ready for the challenges ahead, PMCG will train and support them to clearly outline the importance of each stage of the plan. 

A crucial part of the process will be the formation of the detailed action plan that will give the department clear instructions of how to operate more effectively on an institutional basis. 

In the framework of the contract, our consultants will explore the department’s current situation, conduct institutional evaluation, analyze the environment (PEST), work out the final strategic goals, target results and will conduct an action plan. 

Finally, PMCG will give management the contemporary tools to refine the monitoring and evaluation process. 

Vano Tavadze, Senior Consultant at PMCG highlighted that, “PMCG’s team will assist the regional agency to integrate the strategic planning with the budgeting process and secure a wider stakeholder involvement in the formulation of overarching organizational priorities”, adding that “this is PMCG’s first public contract obtained through a competitive state procurement bidding procedure”.

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