PMCG Supports Government of Georgia to Enhance Legal Drafting Skills


On September 26-28, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) conducted trainings on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for representatives of the Parliament of Georgia, legal departments of each ministry of the Government of Georgia (GoG) and for the Government’s administration itself.

The course lasted three days and was carried out under the USAID, Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program – Strengthen GoG Institutional Operations on Legal Drafting Skills and Cross Governmental Coordination.

The objective of the module was to streamline the legislative process through improved coordination and awareness of policy and to improve the quality of legislation through development of technical legislative drafting skills.

Participants were introduced to information about RIA, types of RIA, factors that should be considered during RIA and how it is used in developed countries.

In addition to the theoretical component, the training included simulations that gave participants an opportunity to use their newly gained knowledge and analyze various aspects of developing regulations, in order to significantly increase their quality.

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