PMCG Present Final Report of Needs Assessment of Parliament of Georgia


1340328032-parlamento-georgia-inauguracion-sala-plenaria-1-1000x407On 19 July, PMCG delivered a presentation of the final report of its Needs Assessment of the Parliament of Georgia at the office of the EU Delegation to Georgia. The assessment team presented the methodology and objectives of the Needs Assessment, performance gaps and proposed recommendations. In attendance were representatives of the Delegation of the EU to Georgia, Strong Parliament in a Consolidated Democracy (UNDP project) and the Cabinet Office of the Chairman of Parliament.

PMCG prepared the needs assessment with the support of the EU Delegation to Georgia and the goal of this project was to identify and analyze a variety of institutional needs or performance gaps of the Georgian Parliament. The assessment focused on four main functions of parliament: the legislative function, the oversight and accountability function, the budget scrutiny function and the representative function.

The needs assessment comprised of desk research of Parliament-related documents, reports and individual interviews with the leadership of the Parliament. In the interviewing process, parliamentary committee chairpersons, MPs, heads of the committee offices, managers of departments and other structural units were also involved.

The results and recommendations developed through the needs assessment may be used to guide future decisions of the Parliament of Georgia. Designing, implementing and evaluating projects or initiatives will lead to achieve desired results being achieved by for the stakeholders, including the donor community, civil society organizations and other civic groups. The needs assessment is considered as a preliminary stage in the institutional planning of the Parliament of Georgia.

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