PMCG Officially Established in Ukraine


We are pleased to announce that, after more than a year of having permanent representation in the country, we have officially opened an office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our goal there is to engage in projects aimed at advancing the economy and supporting the development of democracy and good governance through policy, structural and administrative reforms.

“Over the years, PMCG has been implementing impactful projects in Ukraine and supporting its progress. We have become acquainted with the country’s local economic and democratic development processes and built relations with various institutions and stakeholders. This experience and strong collaborations have underpinned the importance of establishing an office here, that will further empower us to expand and diversify our activities in Ukraine in the future,” said Tamar Japaridze, Executive Director at PMCG.

Having added an office in Ukraine, PMCG now has offices in three countries. In 2013, we established an office in the US in order to enhance connections with the US federal government agencies, international development organizations working on overseas development programs, and industry associations based in the US.

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