PMCG Launched Strategic Planning Project in Adjara


PMCG under the USAID G3 program, have launched a project on Strategic Planning with Ministry of Finance and Economy of Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoFEA) and Ministry of Agriculture of Autonomous Republic of Adjara (MoA).

The object is to define the fundamental purposes of these institutions in the medium-term prospective and identify the actions that should secure achievement of the institutional priorities for the next few years. The strategic planning process will be facilitated through the analytical tools enabling identification of internal or external factors influencing operations or performances of the agencies in question. Building on its previous experiences gained within the previous relevant programs PMCG will further diversify the analytical toolkit and through the baseline studies, in-depth interviews with key agency officers or personnel, desk studies and reviews will identify the basic challenges or strengths that are to be taken into consideration while designing institutional priorities.

More information on this project is available on this link

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