PMCG is supporting the USAID funded Local Development Program of Kyrgyzstan


As an important part of the USAID funded Local Development Program of Kyrgyzstan, implemented by Chemonics International Inc., PMCG is conducting desk research into the economic development strategies of Moldova and Georgia. The goal of the research is to identify the lessons learned and best practices pursued by Georgian and Moldovan private sector, civil society and government actors in the development and implementation of their respective national economic development strategies.

The research will cover the following issues:
• Background analysis of the development strategies of Georgia and Moldova
• When did the economic development strategy process begin?
• What were the major obstacles needed to be overcome for the strategy to progress??
• Human and institutional limitations in implementing the strategy
• Roles and responsibilities of the key institutions
• Sequence of strategy implementation
• Setting the priorities
• Amending the strategy
• How was the ongoing strategy protected from political issues and changes in the government?

By the end of August, PMCG will deliver a final study report describing the national economic development strategy initiatives that have been undertaken during the last 20 years in Georgia and Moldova.

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