PMCG is Supporting the Ministry of Refuges and Accommodation of Georgia



The USAID funded FORECAST program, implemented by World Learning Inc., contracted PMCG to provide targeted Technical Assistance (TA) and support services aimed at developing and strengthening the accounting and financial management capacities of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation (MRA).

Start Date: June 2010
End Date: September 2010
Country: Georgia
Client: Finance Department of the Ministry of Refuges and Accommodation
Funder: Forecast/Georgia, World Learning

Description of the Project:

The goal of this project is to support the Ministry of Refuges and Accommodation (MRA) to improve the overall finance management system through increasing capacity. This will be accomplished by a) providing TA and training to review, streamline and document the ministry’s™ finance and accounting regulations and procedures; b) assisting the Finance Department to establish an audit function; and c) providing the necessary TA and training aimed at building reporting and accounting systems in compliance with internationally accepted rules and donor requirements.

The objectives of the proposed project are as follows:

  • To streamline the financial management, accounting and finance systems of the Ministry;
  • To assist the MRA Finance Department in developing a Financial Management Policies and Procedures Manual to better reflect reporting, auditing and financial management needs;
  • To assist the MRA finance department to define and establish an audit function within its structure;
  • To improve the quality of data and verifiable financial reporting for MRA senior management, the Government of Georgia (GoG), and external stakeholders/donors;
  • To ensure conformity with state and donor reporting standards and requirements.

PMCG will provide the following deliverables:

  • Draft Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP), developed in coordination with FORECAST;
  • A financial accounting and reporting manual (including procurement, cost accounting, and cash management);
  • An agreed upon and approved reporting framework responding to the various donor/partners’ reporting requirements;
  • An approved and documented framework for establishing and operationalizing an audit function at the MRA’s™ Finance Department (including written functions, responsibilities, rules, procedures and relevant forms/templates);
  • Listing recommendations and proposed strategies for further strengthening the audit function of the ministry with the view of establishing a separate Auditing Unit in the future.

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