PMCG is implementing UNDP funded project


PMCG won UNDP funded project ‘Study of the data management practices at municipal and regional level”.

Start Date: November 2008
End Date: March 2009
Country: Georgia
Client: UNDP Office in Georgia
Funder: UNDP

Description of the Project:

The objective of the study is to analyze data collection and management processes and practice in municipalities, at Regional Office of the Governor and relevant ministries; analyzing data sharing practice between central, municipal and regional level including screening legal environment and institutional/administrative systems; identifying major obstacles in data management system that hinder the improvement of the efficiency of municipal socio-economic planning and service delivery as well as coordination of regional development; study should lead to elaboration of package of recommendation that can improve data management systems at municipal and regional level.

  • Improved regional governance: Increased capacity of the regional government to coordinate and facilitate the formulation and implementation of the regional development strategy and plans;
  • Improved local governance: Improved capacity of municipality officials to streamline administrative procedures and systems for efficient delivery of public services;
  • Secure policy mainstreaming of the project’s experience: Policy experience of the project is documented. Attempts taken in ensuring that the experience of the project is utilized by other districts in the country, as well as by policy makers at the national level.

Types of Services Provided:

  • To screen existing practices of data collection, analysis and storing mechanism at national, regional and municipal level;
  • To analyze types of data required for efficient municipal socio-economic planning and service delivery, as well as coordination of regional development;
  • To undertake research and find out best practices supportedpracticed within Georgia or other countries;
  • To define clear steps in making improvements at regional and municipal level (including but not limited to human resources/hardware management) and recommend the concrete activities to be undertaken by the Kvemo Kartli project.

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