PMCG is Conducting the Institutional Needs Assessment of the Parliament of Georgia


PMCG is implementing a Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) supported project that assists the Parliament of Georgia in capacity building. The development of the Institutional Needs Assessment aims to identify and analyze different types of needs of the Parliament, issues, factors and gaps that affect the exercise of institutional functions and overall efficiency of operations. Areas covered by the needs assessment also encompass the institutional performance, transparency and external communications, and further development of the government’s oversight function.

The objective of the assignment is to:

  • Identify and analyze organizational, administrative, technological, regulatory gaps, issues related to human resource management, internal and external communications;
  • Analyze institutional strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and strengths of significance to unimpeded exercise of institutional functions and achievement of medium or long-term objectives;
  • Identify and analyze social, economic, international and other types of factors that are beyond parliament’s control and that affect implementation of institutional functions;
  • Develop a framework for the institutional medium-term strategic plan.

PMCG’s consultants are conducting individual interviews with the leadership of the parliament, committee chairmen and deputies, heads of committee apparatus and heads of departments and other structural units. In addition, consultants are conducting a thorough desk study of documents, reports and observations related to the issues falling under the scope of the assessment.

The project is supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the UK’s leading democracy-building foundation established in 1992. Over the years, WFD has grown in strength and diversity, working to achieve sustainable political change in emerging democracies. Working with and through partner organizations, WFD seeks to strengthen the institutions of democracy, principally political parties (through the work of the UK political parties), parliaments and a range of institutions that make up civil society.


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