PMCG Introduces Operation Plan for Georgia’s State Electro System


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Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) has successfully updated Georgia’s State Electro System’s operation plan for 2015-2017 with the support of the USAID Human and Institutional Capacity Development Program. It builds upon the progress that the company achieved during 2014 for which PMCG also prepared GSE’s operation plan as part of a performance solution package.

PMCG’s consultants developed the 2013-2017 corporate strategic plan to establish the strategic direction for the company and create a foundational strategy that balances the company’s mid-term objectives, operational priorities, and financial discipline. The plan reflects the perspectives of the GSE Management Board, mid-level managers, customers, donors, and other stakeholders.

Moreover, the consultants developed a monitoring and evaluation plan, identified Key Performance Indicators, and a monitoring tool to assess progress and to keep the company on track toward realizing its objectives.

For detailed information about the project:
Performance Solutions Package for Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE)
Institutional Performance Assessment Project of Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE)

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