PMCG Hosts Official Delegation from Tajikistan



On 17-22 August, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) is hosting a delegation from Tajikistan, comprising representatives of the executive office of the President, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Justice, National Land Committee, Gosregister (Public Registry), members of the Republic of Tajikistan and Tajikistan Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project (LRFRP).

The tour will provide participants with background information and on-the-ground demonstrations of land reform in Georgia, focused on introducing them to Georgia’s sound experience in agricultural land reform and its impact on the economic-social development of the country.

During the first day of the visit our guests were given the opportunity to obtain general information about land reform in Georgia from representatives of the Association of Professionals on Land and Realty.

The discussion emphasized the legislative aspects of the reform, including land ownership, land market, tenders, transactions and legislation regulating farmers’ activities. The guests were also introduced to the history of land reform in the country, covering the planning, execution and implementation process, as well as strategy development issues.

Later, the management of Community Development – Farmers’ Servicing Center in Georgia discussed the benefits of the reform and the challenges that farmers faced regarding the existing system.

Follow the link below for more detailed information:

USAID Land Tenure and Property Rights Portal

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