PMCG has Launched a Project on Risk-Based Audit Economic Impact Assessment


PMCG is implementing a project to assess the economic impact of risk-based audit (RBA) reform through the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) program. As a result of this study, the State Revenue Service (RS) and the business stakeholders will be able to increase their analytical capacity in understanding the burdens and benefits of RBA reform. The assessment will be based on quantitative and qualitative analyses and forecasts. Additionally, the assessment will include cost-benefit analyses of RBA reform in the Government of Georgia and businesses.

While measuring the impact of RBA reform, PMCG consultants will apply appropriate macro-economic models and other relevant techniques in order to achieve the most reliable results. The project will include the assessment of both short-term and long-term impact of the reform on key macroeconomic variables:

  • On the levels of FDI and domestic investments;
  • On the amount of exports;
  • On the employment rates;
  • On the productivity and efficiency rates and etc…

More information on this project is available on this link

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