PMCG founder visits ECORYS head office in Rotterdam


In September 28-30 PMCG founder Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili visited ECORYS, the leading public policy consulting company in Holland

ECORYS is the most advanced public policy consulting company in Holland and the main aim of Mr. Aleksishvili’s visit was to learn from ECORYS’ experience and to establish business contacts with this company.

ECORYS is an international group of companies specialising in economic and social development. It works with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to apply its expertise to improve the economic and social conditions in various countries.

ECORYS’ slogan – sound analysis, inspiring ideas – indicates clearly the company’s ability to translate the results of rigorous analysis and the latest research into creative, practical advice. To a strong track record in applied economic research and consulting ECORYS has added services in programme management, communication, ICT applications and legal advice. The ECORYS Group has 20 operating companies and over 560 staff to serve the interests of clients.

During the visit, Mr Aleksishvili met with the management of the company, and consultants of the following units:

  • Macro & Sector Policies
  • Sector Region, Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental & Natural Resources
  • Transport
  • PPP and Financial Advisory Services

The plan of ECORYS/PMCG future relations was established and it will cover regional collaboration and PMCG participation in ECORYS framework contracts.

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