PMCG founder mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili announces customs training program for businesses





Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili presented a new program to train businesses to navigate Georgia’s customs regulations at a roundtable meeting for the International Chamber of Commerce-Georgia (ICC-Georgia) on June 19 at the Tbilisi Marriott.

Former finance minister Aleksi Aleksishvili said the program and accompanying training center will facilitate international trade and business activities. The program will give instructions on Georgian financial legislation and procedures, including customs and tax rules. It will also study problems frequently encountered by Georgian businesses. Fady Asly, chairman of ICC-Georgia and an investor in this newspaper, said the program will help businessmen to remedy the headache of unnecessary papers by sharing the easiest ways to navigate tax and customs operations. Aleksishvili said the center’s instructors would be chosen for their rich practical and theoretical experience. The focus will be on an international software format which allows businesses to fulfill customs responsibilities from offices, he said, avoiding extra time and expenses on mediators.

Aleksishvili said the course will be very flexible in timing and price; the project has USD 80 000 in funding for its first year, according to the ex-finance minister, with several other sources of funding interested in sponsoring the center. Aleksishvili of PMCG, one of the most recent business groups to join ICC-Georgia said that he did not want to enter ICC with nothing to propose, and made the training center his first project as an ICC-Georgia member. ICC-Georgia is the national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a worldwide business organization with its headquarters in Paris.

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