PMCG Continues to Assist National Agency of State Property Staff



Our team has implemented the Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), a USAID-funded project, and assisted the National Agency of State Property (NASP) to analyze and streamline the legal and procedural challenges hindering State Owned Enterprises (SOE) with procedures linked to mergers, bankruptcy and liquidation. Our consultants provided NASP with an outline of the current bankruptcy and liquidation procedures; policy framework and advice for streamlining SOE merger, liquidation and bankruptcy processes as well as the recommendation on determining non-operational SOEs’ disposal.

As a result of the cooperation and consultation, very quickly the procedures linked with the bankrupting of unprofitable SOEs was drastically simplified thereby decreasing the number of SOEs.

After the effective outcome of the project, NASP decided to move forward and now PMCG will coach the staff of the Agency to assist them to better manage the process of SOE mergers, liquidations and bankruptcies.

PMCG’s consultants will conduct on-the-job trainings and weekly meetings with the staff to discuss, analyze and recommend ways in which concrete challenges can be solved. At the end of the project, PMCG experts will develop the report of recommendations for NASP staff to consider when solving similar cases in the future.

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