PMCG consultants will conduct Professional Training Support to the Parliament of Georgia


The Westminster Foundation for Democracy supported Financial Oversight Development Project which launched capacity building activities in the Parliament of Georgia. In the process of this project, PMCG consultants will conduct professional training support for the Parliament of Georgia in public finance issues concentrating on budget oversight

Start Date: January 2010
End Date: December 2011
Country: Georgia
Client: Westminster Foundation Democracy (WFD)
Funder: Department for International Development, UK (DFID)

Description of the Project:

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) launched a long term Parliamentary Strengthening Programme in Georgia. In the framework of this programme WFD contracted PMCG to implement the Financial Oversight Development Project.

As the first step of the project, PMCG has prepared a suitable training programme for MPs of Georgia and the staff members. The second, long term component includes professional training support to the Parliament. The Parliament staff members will be trained in public finance issues concentrating on budget oversight.

In this step PMCG will provide the following services:

  • Participating in the localization of the generic curriculum to the country’s specific needs;
  • Delivering and evaluating trainings as required by the Parliament of Georgia and WFD programme manager, as well as preparing short reports of the events;
  • Participating in the reviews of previous trainings, impact assessments and future need assessments;
  • Developing revision to the curriculum and new material as may be required based on reviews and assessments;
  • Participating in the sharing of curriculum and experience with other TWC countries through attending TWC workshops and being part of the TWC online community. This includes being part of a global network to encourage parliamentary capacity building;
  • Participating in the project team led by WFD to plan annual programme delivery and looking at developing a sustainable mechanism for continuous training.

WFD is the UK’s leading democracy-building foundation established in 1992. Over the years WFD has grown in strength and diversity, working to achieve sustainable political change in emerging democracies. Working with and through partner organizations, WFD seeks to strengthen the institutions of democracy, principally political parties (through the work of the UK political parties), parliaments and the range of institutions that make up civil society.

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