PMCG Brings Innovation to Georgian Roads with Rejuvaseal


On May 10 -11, PMCG staged the presentation of Rejuvaseal – an innovative technology for road maintenance in Georgia.

As part of the presentation, 720 m2 of the road near Tbilisi was processed with Rejuvaseal. PMCG, together with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) and the Roads Department of Georgia, will observe the processed part of the road for a year to assess the compatibility of the technology with various local factors such as climate and road permeability.

With a focus on continuous development, PMCG put forward the initiative and organized a meeting between its American partner company NIDCO International – the producer of Rejuvaseal – and Mr. David Narmania, the former Minister of MRDI.

This technology was created in the United States and was initially used for airport runway maintenance. Since the 2000s, Rejuvaseal has been applied to civic purposes, for the maintenance of highways and roads, parking places and other infrastructural facilities.

Rejuvaseal is a unique technology that increases the asphalt life expectancy by up to 50-60% and its ease of use and fast acting qualities mean that traffic can run as normal within 4-5 hours.

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