PMCG awarded second IQS


The consortium led by Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) has been granted an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQS) under the USAID Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) PLUS program. The purpose of the USAID Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) PLUS project is to complement the implementation of USAID/Georgia’s assistance efforts in democracy and governance, economic growth, energy and environment, and the health and education sectors through the development of individual skills and institutional capacity of selected public entities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and other private organizations that play a strategic role in the implementation of the Government of Georgia’s (GOG) reform program and the mission’s development objectives.

The other consortium members are:

  • Integrated Management Group (IMG)
  • Consulting Group GePRA
  • Management Academy
  • Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG)

PMCG already holds the first Indefinite Quantity Subcontracts (IQS) and was awarded two contracts under this procurement. IQS is an umbrella contract intended for the provision of technical assistance services related to assessing and improving the capacity and performance of Georgian institutions. PMCG has successfully conducted a performance assessment of Georgian State ElectroSystem (GSE) and is currently finalizing the development of a performance solutions package for GSE.

Cooperating with regional and international partners, PMCG supports government efforts to strengthen and build institutional capacity among public sector and civil society. These efforts are implemented through various techniques including human and institutional capacity development, performance assessment and management, capacity development, public relations and communication, change management, strategic management, and human resource management.


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