PMCG and its Chairman, Aleksi Aleksishvili Advising the Government of Mozambique in Economic Reforms


PMCG chairman, Mr. Aleksishvili has been contracted as an Economic Reforms Adviser in the USAID Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development (SPEED) Program in revising Mozambique’s Business Environment Strategy. The objective of the work is to review Mozambique’s Business Enabling Environment Strategy and provide advices for updating and revising the strategy in the context of international best practices. The US consulting companies, DAI and Nathans Associates are the main USAID contractors implementing the SPEED project.

The Strategy should impact private sector development in Mozambique and also affect the country’s performance exhibited in the Doing Business (DB) ranking and other international private sector competitiveness indicators.

The consultancy will cover the following tasks:

  • Review both Mozambique’s Business Enabling Environment Strategy along with recent work conducted by SPEED on improving Mozambique’s business environment;
  • Meet with key stakeholders in government and the private sector;
  • Provide experience from Georgia in improving the business enabling environment;
  • Offer recommendations for modifying Mozambique’s Business Environment Strategy;
  • Offer recommendations on the process for implementing business environment improvements;
  • Present Georgia’s experience and recommendations for Mozambique at a public forum.

SPEED is a USAID financed four-year project in Mozambique implemented by DAI and Nathan’s Associates, Inc. The USD 14 million-project, SPEED started in 2011 and should serve to improve Mozambique’s economic performance, competitiveness and business environment.


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