Meetings for the Program Budgeting Capacity Building Project in Ajara


PMCG’s project team held numerous meetings between 27 and 31 May in Batumi, Ajara, in which they were consulted on the development of the GoARA priorities document. In addition, they also partook in discussions on the draft priorities according to the GoARA ministries and sub-agencies.
Following on from the stakeholders’ meeting, workgroup discussions in the relative ministries were held in order to incorporate stakeholders’ recommendations. The meetings were held with representatives of the following institutions:
• Ministry of Education, Culture and Science;
• Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs
• Ministry of Agriculture
• Department of Tourism and Resorts
• Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara
• Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Related media and NGO representatives were also in attendance at the meetings.
In the month that follows the meetings, the project team plans to work on the following issues: development of the Draft GoARA Priorities document taking into consideration stakeholders’ comments, preparation of the 5-day program budgeting training, and development of the outline of the program budgeting manual.
The project team will work in close cooperation with G3 international experts as well as the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara.

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