RIA on Choosing New Power Projects for Energy Security or Interconnection
Start Date: Feb 2020
End Date: May 2020
Region: Caucasus,
Country: Georgia,
Client: Deloitte
Origin of Funding: USAID
Project Description

The main objective of this project is to boost Georgia’s energy security by enhancing its legal and regulatory framework. Accordingly, we will conduct a regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on the selection process for new power projects designed to gain increased energy security or for interconnection.

In the process, PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Deloitte, under the USAID Energy Security Program will carry out the following activities: 

  • Review the relevant EU directives, proposed energy laws and appropriate existing secondary legislation in Georgia;
  • For international markets, conduct a review of similar power solicitations with respect to capacity, long-term contracts, and reliability of must-run contracts as well as any format providing guaranteed supply;
  • Conduct a legal review of the Georgian power market’s design, rules, distribution and supplier licenses with the purpose of determining obligations with regard to reliability and energy security;
  • Carry out legal and technical review of grid codes and any other interconnection procedures in order to determine access prioritization, sequences, financial penalties, congestion pricing or opportunities;
  • Meet with the Government of Georgia’s key stakeholders to assess the decision dynamics for various alternative resolutions; and
  • Develop all reasonable and creative approaches for economically competitive and technically controllable selection process, estimating the potential impacts from a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint, including risk analysis.