Introducing Short-Cycle Educational Programs in Georgia


On December 5, a stakeholder workshop was held under the UK Government’s Good Governance Fund (GGF) in order to support the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (MoESCS) in the implementation of SCEPs in Georgian education system.

VET programs do exist in Georgia however they do not allow students to continue their studies in higher education. Therefore, this project aims to develop an alternative educational path through the implementation of SCEPs providing a bridge between the fifth and sixth levels of education. Having completed SCEPs, students are able to continue their studies in bachelor’s programs as VET programs are to be linked to higher education programs. As a result, the project seeks to integrate VET programs into traditional education pathways, to prepare students for the labor market, and to tackle unemployment challenges.

“Qualifications at Level 5 (SCEPs) are on the rise all around the world. They create a bridge between the vocational and higher education worlds. Short-cycle programs have many benefits for individuals, economy and society as a whole: they are professionally specific, so relevant for the labor market and, at the same time, allow for the credit transfer and continuation of studies at higher level,” explained Ms. Thea Siprashvili, Senior Education Expert at PMCG.

The workshop was opened by Ms. Irina Tserodze, Head of the TVET Department at the MoESCS and by Mr. Givi Chanukvadze, Economic Projects Manager at the British Embassy in Tbilisi.


Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Introduction of Short-Cycle Educational Programmes (SCEPs)

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