International Conference to Discuss Ways of Facilitating Economic Growth and Enhance Public Administration in Belarus


On February 11-12, PMCG, in collaboration with BEROC, hosted representatives of the governments of Belarus, Georgia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector to discuss the most suitable methods of facilitating economic development and enhancing public administration in Belarus.

The event served as an appropriate platform for all stakeholders to discuss recent challenges faced by the private sector in Belarus and how barriers to business development can be overcome.

Within the framework of the event, participants analyzed the importance of promoting a transparent, less bureaucratic and international standard tax administration system, and how simple and transparent procedures for business can attract FDI.

Experts from Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary reviewed the respective challenges each country faced before introducing tax and fiscal reforms, and the experts will also outline how they managed to enhance a business-enabling environment through simplifying tax administration and introducing e-governance.

The conference wass organized as part of the project “Transferring V4 and Georgia Reform Experience to Facilitate Economic Development in Belarus”, funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

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