Increased Transparency and Competitiveness in the Field of Communications


Georgia will soon obtain more transparent and effective Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC), the only regulatory authority of broadcasting and electronic communications.

Unacceptability of the monopolistic practices in the field of electronic communications and broadcasting; establishment of transparent regulatory environment and promotion of competition; promotion of high-quality, diverse and innovative telecommunications services for consumers; introduction of modern technologies and the active cooperation with international organizations for these purposes; and consumer rights protection are the major tasks of the Commission.

So, effectiveness and transparency of GNCC has crucial importance for the country as well as for the business sector operating in these fields.

On July, 2015 the commission contracted Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) to improve its performance. The collaborations aims to assist GNCC to comply organizational structure with the requirements of stakeholders and the current legislation.

PMCGs is assessing GNCC’s organizational structure, to develop job descriptions for the senior management and staff and define the Human Resource Management (HRM) policy. Finally, consultants will develop optimal model of organizational management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure Commission’s future performance.

As a result of the assistance, GNCC will be able to manage the tasks in time-bound, cost-efficient and transparent way. So the interests of the consumers will be protected in better way.

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