Evaluation of four NGO implemented Programmes in Georgia


Currently Georgia has an enabling environment for civil society. There has been slow yet steady progress

towards a more diversified civil society with stronger organisations appearing in the regions. There is now

also a greater understanding among CSOs of the importance to reflect the needs and interest of their

constituencies in a better way. Recent years have also seen the appearance of new CSOs, some of which

work mainly in regions with service delivery while other have been given a notable role in consultations

with the government.

Sweden has been financing a number of projects in Georgia that support selected NGOs towards

achieving results in strengthened democracy, greater respect for human rights and more developed ruled

of law, an improved environment and enhanced resistance to environmental impacts and climate change.

Sida has scheduled evaluation of four NGOs in parallel in a single assignment. The NGOs to be evaluated

are NDI, Orbeliani, TI Georgia and project “Clean-Up Georgia” implementing environmental NGO


The purpose of the evaluation is two-fold: i) to assess the progress of each project individually in order to

understand how well they contribute to the achievement of the results and based on this make

recommendations to Sida for future decisions on support to civil society; and ii) to contribute to the

learning of both Sida’s partners for increased efficiency and sustainability of results and of Sida internally

in relation to civil society support and programme monitoring.

Based on the evaluation results, the PMCG team should formulate recommendations for both Sida and the

evaluated partner organisations. The project will allow the evaluator to make some overall conclusions to

enable Sida to make informed decisions in the future regarding CSO support in Georgia.

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