Enhancing Public Finance Management in the Ministry of Justice of Niger


PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Belgian consulting company Aide à la Décision Économique (ADE), was awarded the EU framework contract to conduct a public expenditure review of the justice sector of Niger.

The project aims to contribute to the improvement of budget management in the justice sector in Niger.

The project team will conduct a thorough analysis and review of the following: public expenditure system; recent reforms that took place in the justice sector; legal and institutional frameworks; and budget execution processes. They will also assess the strengths and weaknesses in the planning, execution and monitoring of sector expenditure and produce final conclusions and recommendations to be considered and acted upon.

Based on the analysis, the project team will inform the government and other key stakeholders about the nature of public spending and public sector management in the justice sector, recommend ways of enhancing the efficiency of the allocation and management of the resources of the sector, and promote economic and social development.

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