Enhancing Access to Justice Services in Azerbaijan


We have started working with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan to improve access to, and delivery of, justice services through improved management of sector resources, by preparing a Sector Expenditure and Efficiency Review (SEER).

The SEER is necessary to inform dialogue between justice entities and other affected entities such as the Ministry of Finance, as well as other stakeholders, including members of academia, civil society and Azerbaijan’s development partners.

The SEER focuses on analyzing the performance of Azerbaijan’s justice sector and suggests actions to improve the efficiency of justice-related public expenditure and related public services. In addition, it entails studying how the country develops, manages, spends and reports on its justice budget to provide justice-related services, and establishing the likely cost of key reforms. The SEER will also involve analyzing human capital-related management issues to identify institutional strengths and dysfunctions, and developing short- and medium-term recommendations to strengthen the management of financial, human, physical and IT resources in the sector.

As a result of the SEER, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan will obtain updated Justice at a Glance Scorecard, presenting performance data for Azerbaijan’s justice sector. Meanwhile, the SEER will provide additional tools for the Ministry to more effectively and efficiently manage its resources as well as to ensure more transparent and effective dialogue with all stakeholders.

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