Developing Construction Permits System in Afghanistan


On December 21, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) presented recommendations for streamlining and re-engineering construction permitting in the Kabul Municipality elaborated within the Afghanistan Construction Permits Reform Project funded by World Bank/IFC.

PMCG presented numerous recommendations mostly focused on the reduction of procedures, timeframes and costs as well as the reduction of interaction between government and private sector by introducing a One-Stop Shop to reduce the possibility of corruption.

The project aimed to support the Government of Afghanistan at central and municipal level in Kabul by streamlining the construction permitting process and related pre-approvals, creating a transparent and simplified regulatory framework, which realizes public good health and safety policy objectives and reduces the complexity of the process, building the capacity of the civil servants capable of implementing the reforms.

Within the framework of the project, PMCG has provided process maps of the new construction permit process, new process user manual and brochures, proposed legal changes for the process and the new organizational chart of the permit issuing agency.

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