Deloitte Awarded Subcontract to PMCG for the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) Project


PMCG has joined the USAID large-scale Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) project which is being implemented by a team of international and local consulting companies led by Deloitte. The project will improve enterprise, industry and country-level competitiveness by identifying and targeting key external and internal factors to enhance the growth rates and productivity of enterprises in the economy, thereby enhancing the economic well-being of workers in the economy.

The project started in March 2011 and will last until the end of 2014. PMCG is implementing this project in cooperation with Deloitte Consulting LLP, the leading consortium member, J.E. Austin Associates, CNFA, Making Cents, FLAG International, SSG Advisors and several local companies.

According to the subcontract, PMCG will provide technical assistance to the USAID EPI Program in areas of Economic Policy, Economic Governance Capacity and Country level Competitiveness. Activities for PMCG include as follows:

  • Conduct analysis, participate in public private dialogues, contribute to, and advocate for, policy recommendations;
  • Assist the project in establishing a core team of local specialists to assist the Government of Georgia with new reform priorities. These specialists will be grouped into areas such as Competitiveness Analysis and Reform Targeting; Regulatory / Licensing; Procurement and Privatization; Tax; Customs; Property Rights; Commercial Disputes; Finance, Banking and Insurance; IT System Development; Human/Institutional Capacity Development; Provision of Information; and Policy Analysis;
  • Assist the project in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to promote development of competitive private sector business activity in agricultural and non-agricultural value chains including tourism, ICT and other sectors;
  • Support cross-cutting project activities, such as:

    • Information and Knowledge Sharing to promote greater understanding within the public and private sector (including media) of government reforms and regulations
    • Institutional Capacity Building to support achievement of improved economic governance in Georgia
    • Public Private Partnerships to achieve EPI program goals.

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