A Needs Assessment for the Parliament of Georgia


PMCG has begun its needs assessment for the Parliament of Georgia, which is designed to define a set of medium to long term development priorities. The project ‘Institutional Reform Plan’, is funded by the European Union and will conclude at the end of June.
Within the project PMCG experts are going to study and analyse the following issues:
• The legislative function

  • Initiating and drafting legislation
  • Debating the provisions of the law
  • Scrutinizing the law in detail
  • Approving and implementing of the law

• The oversight/accountability function

  • Information and reporting procedures
  • Questioning ministers
  • Committees’ roles
  • Executive-legislative relations

• Budget oversight

  • Influence on budget formulation
  • Opportunity to debate the budget
  • Powers to amend the budget
  • Audit and monitoring

• The representative function

  • Parliament’s inclusiveness
  • Engagement with voters
  • Opportunities for consultation
  • Public outreach

This assignment will entail the carrying out of necessary groundwork to create a base from which the institution can develop a needs-based and realistic strategic reform plan.

Consequently, PMCG will prepare a final report presenting parliament’s strengths and weaknesses, and the underlying causes for both. The experts will provide an overview of the parliament’s key strategic development priorities and an indication of how the priorities can be most effectively addressed.

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