Arben Malaj

It is a pleasure to confirm the successful result of the collaboration with Policy and Management Consulting Group – PMCG. We had found this cooperation mutually rewarding which has also contributed to broadening the staff capabilities of our organization.PMCG staff has demonstrated high professionalism to coordinate and manage activities of the project “Sharing experience of Visegrad countries’ EU economic integration for Albania and Kosovo” based on their comprehensive understanding and knowledge of EU integration processes and challenges related to it. 

PMCG’s contribution and input were particularly important with regard to sharing experience of Georgian reforms in the following areas: Regulatory framework related to business enabling environment, tax policy and customs related reforms, e-governance reforms, public service management (registration of business, issuing of licenses) and land property reforms. 

Together we were fully able to develop the review of Albania’s and Kosovo’s EU integration process and analyze the key prospects and challenges while considering experience of Georgia’s institutional reforms that are relevant and timely to reflect on for these countries. 

We were extremely delighted with PMCG’s positive commitment, focus and results achieved during the period dedicated to the project and look forward to working with PMCG again.

Arben Malaj
President of Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (IPPM)

Ada Shameti
Executive Director of IPPM

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