Otar Sabashvili

Mr. Sabashvili is a Senior Consultant in Agriculture Business at PMCG. In parallel he occupies executive director position at Agro Business Management Group, spin-off PMCG, developing Advisory, Financial and Operational Management services for the local and foreign investors.

A variety of the successful projects implemented under his leadership together with the academic background formed Mr. Sabashvili as an expert of the agricultural field. His name is linked with the creation of the biggest vegetable storage and processing facility in Georgia.

Mr. Sabashvili used to play the role of the bridge between local and foreign investors. He has built up one of the most successful brands of Georgian wine, managed to export its products in 7 countries (Germany, UK, and Netherlands) and gained investment of 10 million USD for the brands development.

Mr. Sabashvili holds MBA from European School of Management (ESM) and Bachelor Degree in International Economic Relations from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He is a leader of the Intellectual Club “What? Where? When?” and holds the honorary “Crystal Owl” for the most intellectual club member of the season.