Nino Chikvanaia

Ms. Nino Chikvanaia is a Project Manager at PMCG, responsible for developing projects, coordinating and communicating with project partners, consultants and beneficiaries, and undertaking market research and analysis.

Initially, Ms. Chikvanaia joined our team as an Administrative and Procurement Manager, responsible for maintaining operations in compliance with organizational procedures, organizing and managing filing and storage of documents, and managing procurement processes.

She then moved on to work as a Project Officer, a role in which she has accumulated sound experience of managing and implementing projects, as well as enhancing and developing the skills necessary for project management.

Ms. Chikvanaia is currently pursuing a PhD in Marketing at Tbilisi State University to bolster her already strong academic pedigree. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Tbilisi State University and a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Ostfold University College (Norway). She also partook in a thoroughly beneficial student exchange at the University of Porto. Ms. Chikvanaia is fluent in Georgian and English, and competent in Russian and German too.