Tamar Kaphianidze

Tamar Kaphianidze is a Public Private Dialogue consultant, equipped with more than 8 years of remarkable experience in the field of marketing and public relations. Through her impressive career to date, she has built strong contacts with media representatives and developed advanced skills of promoting, communicating and raising awareness.

Focusing on public private dialogue, she has led exceptional projects and facilitated dialogue between public institutions and society about crucial topics including the World Economic Forum Global, under USAID’s Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), providing a platform to promote Georgia’s competitiveness.

Under her leadership, a number of companies, including JSC Georgian Agriculture Corporation, Quality Research Center- Multitest, Wine Trade Company- Selective Wine, Curatio International Foundation managed to develop and fulfill successful marketing strategies and public outreach campaigns.

Mrs. Kaphianidze holds a Masters and Bachelor degree in History of Diplomacy and International Relations from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, and is certified as Marketing and Research Analyst from the University of Social Science (Warsaw, Poland). She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations from the University of Social Science.

She is also competent in various foreign languages being advanced in English, fluent in Russian and speaks Polish.