Gela Kvashilava

Gela Kvashilava is a Senior Consultant in road safety and sustainable transport issues at PMCG, with more than 10 years of experience of working in the field. He has advised and contributed to strategy formulation in more than 16 projects for governments, private companies, NGOs and development banks in Caucasia and Central Asia regions.

Currently, Mr. Kvashilava manages and consults the Partnership for Road Safety (PFRS) project of UK-based organization Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST), where he assumes an adviser and regional consultant position. He is responsible for providing management and consultations, working on road safety and clean transport research and developing new projects. In addition, he builds partnership with governmental institutions, private sector, international organizations and monitors the impact of the project. As a member of the EASST Advisory Board, he has already contributed to road safety projects in Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

As a reliable partner of international organizations working on road safety and sustainable transport issues with the likes of The World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia - TRACECA, Mr. Kvashilava encouraged regional and cross-border projects to prevent injuries on the roads and develop sustainable modes of transport in Georgia.

Mr. Kvashilava has created innovative projects about suitable roads and clean air for Georgia, he has written numerous policy papers related to road safety and sustainable development issues in transport. While chairing the Partnership for Road Safety of Georgia, the project was awarded the Road Safety International Award of HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO (London, UK). He is also a member of Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and FIA Foundation organizations.

Mr. Kvashilava graduated with a PhD in Economics from Tbilisi State University (2002) as well as successfully completing the Road Safety for Low and Middle Income Countries postgraduate course from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands, 2003) and the Occupational Road Safety Management course from EASST/Cranfield Academy (2013).