Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs to Increase their Role in Budgeting
Sep, 2020

On August 5-8, we conducted a training course aiming to enhance the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in budgetary issues in order to increase their informed participation in the development of government programs and services, civilian monitoring of the budget and public expenditures, and advocacy for relevant changes.

During the trainings, we enhanced the participants' awareness on issues such as: key concepts of the budget; civic budgetary oversight; the budget calendar of central and local self-government units; results-oriented budgeting and budget advocacy at the central and local levels; and the role of CSOs in the development and implementation of service-oriented government programs. Meanwhile, we also discussed specific examples and conducted relevant exercises to boost their practical skills. Their enhanced knowledge and skills will guarantee CSOs’ better involvement in budgeting and monitoring, and will accordingly contribute to boosting social justice and economic prosperity.

“The training was very informative, interesting, and as results-oriented as possible, while it was well-organized too. We learned a lot about budget advocacy techniques, discussed state budget programs and sub-programs, and worked on databases. There was a very good link between the theoretical part and the practical exercises, so we gained very significant knowledge and advanced our skills,” said one of the representatives of the CSOs who attended the trainings.

The trainings were conducted as part of the project “Civil Society Oversight of Public Spending in Georgia,” which is funded by the Europe Foundation and is being implemented by PMCG.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project: Partnership for Budget Transparency: Civil Society Oversight of Public Spending in Georgia