Evaluating Small Projects Assistance (SPA) Program’s Impact on Local Community Development
Mar, 2020

PMCG, together with PMC Research, recently launched a new project, aiming to assess Peace Corps Georgia’s Small Projects Assistance (SPA) program.

The SPA program is a collaboration between USAID and Peace Corps Georgia, which has been running for nine years already, supporting local community development projects in sectors such as agriculture, gender, health, and small enterprise development.

During the project, we will evaluate the impact of these projects in communities, and identify the major factors that have contributed to the success and sustainability of its projects over time.

“SPA is vital for Georgia as it empowers communities to apply innovative, local solutions to their development needs. In order to provide a broad and in-depth perspective on how the SPA program has been operating over the course of the last nine years, and how its effectiveness can be boosted in the future, we will elaborate a research design that will integrate qualitative and quantitative methods, and employs a theory-based causal analysis methodology,” said Maya Komakhidze, Researcher at PMC Research.



Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:

Mixed-methods Retrospective Impact Evaluation of Peace Corps’ Small Projects Assistance (SPA) Program in Georgia