Michael Parry Consulting together with PMCG organized a workshop in the Ministry of Finance of Georg


For the purpose of discussing and commenting on the first report the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) was dedicated to the analysis and appraisal of the existing accounting and reporting methodology and the review of regulations, prepared by Michael Parry Consulting together with PMCG, and a workshop was conducted for the Treasury Service of the Ministry of finance of Georgia on 15th September 2009.

The overall objective of the project is to assist the Treasury Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia to conduct a study on the accounting system with the objective of implementing the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

The workshop was divided in two main parts: the overview and summary of the Value Added of IPSAS (report1); and discussing the decision making issues related to and dependent on government of Georgia. The workshop identified several problems and proposed several solutions with comprehensive arguments supporting them. The topics of discussion included IPSAS coverage, the consolidation issues, compatibility with GFS 2001 and other key concerns related to the implementation process of IPSAS.

The workshop also commented on the implementation plan durations, starting and finalizing dates and, as a result, the plan was amended to better fit the feasibility of the implementation and requirements of the ministry.

The participants who presented at the workshop and were actively involved in the discussions were:

  • Deputy Head of Treasury: Nino Tchelishvili
  • Deputy Head of Treasury: Giorigi Barbakadze
  • Deputy Head of Financial Policy Department: Fridon Aslanikashvili
  • Head of accounting and reporting department: Zurab Tolordava
  • Head of accounting Methodology division: Lela Pataraia


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