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Welcome to the ISPI EMEA 2023 Conference

Join us for the 22nd International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) EMEA Conference. The event will be hosted by PMCG in Tbilisi, Georgia (and online) on 26-29 September 2023. Significantly, the theme of this year’s event is “Performance Management in Turbulent and Transitionary Times.”

(Note: Online on September 26, starting at 18:00 GET for international participants only).

Performance Improvement in Turbulent and Transitionary Times

Essentially, this year’s conference focuses on optimizing performance in dynamic and uncertain times. Moreover, in a rapidly changing  and disrupted world, organizations face challenges in enhancing performance across various sectors and industries.

About the ISPI

Established in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the world leader in enhancing individual and corporate productivity. Furthermore, it is renowned for boosting overall performance outcomes in professional settings. Notably, with over 10,000 members spanning nearly 50 countries, the ISPI spearheads positive change. Since 2001, the ISPI EMEA Network has united executives and professionals from diverse backgrounds and regions. Furthermore, it fosters a culture of collaborative learning, knowledge-sharing, and mutual growth.

Key Features of the ISPI EMEA 2023 Conference

  • Open Assist Experience: Immerse yourself in the collaborative power of crowd-sourcing, where every participant, presenter, and session is a valuable resource. In addition, issue real-time requests to renowned senior executives throughout the conference, for a truly interactive and impactful experience.
  • Senior Executive Exchange: Connect with esteemed senior executives from diverse organizations and industries in the EMEA region. Furthermore, tap into their rich expertise and gain invaluable insights on global performance improvement issues. Crucially, this exchange is a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding.
  • Briefing Sessions: Partake in thought-provoking discussions with performance improvement professionals from around the world. Meanwhile, share experiences and ideas, and explore effective strategies and best practices to optimize individual, team, and organizational performance. Importantly, this international network brings  the nous to help you achieve your performance goals.

Panel Moderators and Welcome Speakers

Aleksi Aleksishvili, CEO and Chairman PMCG International

Aleksi Aleksishvili, Chairman and CEO at PMCG

Aleksi Aleksishvili is a Chairman and CEO at PMCG. In 2005-2007, he served as a Minister of Finance of Georgia. Prior to that, he held the position of a Minister of Economic Development of Georgia. Additionally, Mr. Aleksishvili was elected Chairman of UN Commission for Sustainable development in 2005-2006.

John A. Pennell, Mission Director for USAID/Caucasus

John A. Pennell, a Career Member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Service, rank of Minister Counselor, is the Mission Director for USAID/Caucasus. Prior to that, he served as the Mission Director for USAID/Libya from 2019-2022. He served as USAID’s Deputy Mission Director for Ukraine and Belarus in 2015-19, and in Ukraine from 2000-01.

Carol M. Panza, CMP Associates (US), ISPI EMEA

Carol M. Panza is a management consultant with an extensive track record of successfully assisting client companies from a broad range of industries and functions.Her focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with clients as a trusted colleague.

David Tsiklauri, Senior Private Sector Development Advisor, USAID Georgia

David joined the USAID/Georgia mission in 2006 and since then has overseen projects exceeding a combined value of $200 million. His responsibilities have encompassed the management of various projects, including those focused on Private Sector, Rural Development, Access to Finance and Postwar recovery projects.

Juan Pablo Ortiz, Senior Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator at YesP

Juan Pablo has been responsible for numerous performance improvement interventions and change processes in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  He is a valued partner in helping organizations, teams, and leaders achieve measurable and meaningful results. 









ISPI EMEA Executive Speakers

Olesya Zaluska, Chief of Party at USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (CEP)

Olesya has considerable experience in management positions in business development, investment, and strategy at international companies and governmental policy design.

David Dzebisashvili, HICD Program Manager / Mission Gender Advisor / NPI POC / EEO Liaison, USAID

With 30 years of experience in international development, David has been with USAID since 2009. David has worked in Georgia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and the UK.

Giorgi Cherkezishvili, Head of the Investors Council Secretariat

Mr. Cherkezishvili served as a Chief Investment Officer at Wings & Freeman Capital, and as a Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia before joining the Investors Council Secretariat.

Kamel Bouhmad, Deputy Country Director, ADB

Mr. Bouhmad has experience in leadership roles encompassing Urban Planning and Infrastructure in renowned organizations such as UN-Habitat, Agence Francaise de Developpement, and TRANSITEC.

Gabriel Abraham, Chief of Party, Governance and Local Accountability Program (Hoverla), USAID Ukraine

Having served as Chief of party on numerous occasions, he is an expert in guiding strategies to strengthen public institutions and foster civic participation.

Julian Fernandez, Managing Director, APM Terminals Poti

With nearly two decades of international expertise in transport infrastructure investment, Julian has worked in cross-functional teams and capital-intensive projects, particularly within the ports industry.

Andrew T. Kaiser, Founder and President, The Kaizen Company

With 25 years of experience supporting leaders to innovate, transform their organizations, and strategize, he has led Kaizen’s growth from a start-up to 250 employees with operations in 25+ countries worldwide, as well as its 2021 acquisition by Tetra Tech, a fortune 1000 firm.

José Miguel Santos González, CEO, Georgia Global Utilities

José Miguel Santos González is an Industrial Engineer and EXMBA by Instituto de Empresa business school (IE, Madrid), with more than 25 years of experience in the water sector. He has worked in Central Asia and Europe, Algeria, Emirates, Qatar and Oman.

Contact Information

To find out if you need a Georgian Visa to attend the conference, follow the link: VISA INFORMATION

If you need Visa Support Letter or have any questions, please kindly write to Natia Kaldani at [email protected]

What participants say

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    The conference format and overall atmosphere (culture), directly supports an ability to get to know people and actually build relationships. ISPI EMEA feels like a family, even to new people.

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    I found the conference to be very interactive, insightful and energizing. The caliber of presenters, topics and content was a reflection of the committee’s commitment to raising the performance & knowledge bar in a non-traditional yet very welcoming and experiential way.

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    I make the choice to come to this conference every year. The most successful thing about this conference is that you get to meet smart people, spend time with them, talk about their expertise, learn from them in an atmosphere that is totally open and totally sharing.

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Our Team

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