Hydro Power Plant Development

We provide technical advice and consultancy for developing Hydro Power Plants, analyzing installed capacity, average annual generation, capital investment required, financial analysis, existing site infrastructure (roads, railway, national electricity grid, and inert material carriers), location etc. 

We facilitate negotiations with the government institutions on the Memorandum of Understanding on BOO (Build, Own, Operate) agreement or other private participation models before obtaining construction permits etc. 
We support our clients in raising additional capital from public and private equity funds, banks and other financial institutions. 

We ensure successful implementation of the project from the design process to the construction mobilization and completion stage. Finally, we facilitate communications with the regulatory and market operator institutions for granting generation license and access to electricity grid. 

We provide the following services: 

  • Identifying Prospective HPP including Socio-economic and Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Signing MOU with the Government Institutions, Preparing Project Design, Obtaining Construction Permits
  • Raising Investment
  • HPP Construction Management/construction Supervision
  • Obtaining Generation License and Connecting HPP to the State Electricity Grid
  • Ex-Post Evaluation and Analysis