We understand the importance of tourism in the modern world, especially for developing countries, where tourism sector contributes greatly to the GDP and employs a significant proportion of the population. We believe that in order to support a strong and productive tourism sector and achieve sustainability and growth, proper tourism infrastructure and vision for development is essential.  

We work with international donors and financing institutions, main government agencies and tourism sector stakeholders from the private sector. We support them in the development of national and regional tourism development goals and strategies and help them respond to global trends and increasing demand for certain tourism products and experiences. We have worked closely with Georgian National Tourism Administration and developed tourism marketing strategy, action plan and national brand for Georgian tourism. We have supported economic development in many regions through regional tourism strategies, branding and value chain analysis. We participated in the establishment of Destination Management Organizations (DMO) and provided capacity building to DMO personnel.

PMCG covers following areas under Tourism Sector:

  • Tourism Development and Marketing Strategies and Action Plans
  • Destination Management Organizations
  • Tourism Product development and value chain analysis
  • Branding and Country Image surveys
  • Promotional videos and materials
  • National and regional tourism websites and online content
  • Online Marketing Campaigns