Human Development and Gender Equality

We aim to combat social inequalities by supporting the fundamental principles of human development and gender equality, to ensure sustainable development. Educating people and improving the healthcare system are core aspects of improving the overall standard of living. Moreover, we support labor force and employment development projects. In this regard, conducting up-to-date labor market analysis forms the basis for the further in-depth socio-economic analysis. We also support public institutions to advance or develop their policy frameworks, which will lead them toward the realization of a well-functioning labor market in which decent, inclusive, and equal work opportunities are generated.

Throughout the years, we have contributed to the development of gender equality at the macro level by organizing workshops and discussion platforms, and developing strategies, as well as at the micro level by conducting gender-mainstreaming capacity mapping for organizations. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the actions taken, we have developed and implemented various awareness-raising action plans and promotional campaigns in all aspects of human development and gender equality.

PMCG covers the following areas of human development:

  • Education;
  • Health;
  • Labor market and employment;
  • Migration;
  • Gender; and