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Since its very foundation in 2007, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) has been actively supporting companies operating in various fields to enhance their capacity, optimize quality controland streamline procurement and operational management systems.

As a result of the collaboration and implementation of the international standards (ISO, HACCP, GLOBALG.A.P. etc.) our valued partners can strengthen their positions and ability to enter and assert themselves on the international markets.

Meeting international standards is imperative when tackling the 21st century's challenges for modern business. They are used as strategic tools for companies striving for sustainable development, as they ensure that business operations are as efficient as possible and help companies to increase productivity. In addition, international standards are used to detect high quality products by the consumers in decision making process.

With its sound and extensive experience, PMCG are able to coooperate with the world's leading organizations in testing, inspection and certification services.

We have supported about 30 companies in introducing international standards (ISO 9001; ISO 14000; ISO 22000; HACCP; GLOBALG.A.P)helping them to achieve the following:

  • Increased market share by increasing productivity and competitive advantage
  • Cost savings by optimizing operations
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by improving quality
  • Access to new markets by overcoming trade barriers

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