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Lekso Aleksishvili Selected as IMF Regional Advisory Board Member

The regional board is focused on economic, political-economy, geopolitical and political issues, and carries significant importance for CCA countries. Also, the board works to increase the Fund’s effectiveness and impact in the regions it serves,…

PMCG’s General Director about the Economic Challenges

Aleksi Aleksishvili, gives recommendations for the long-term economic growth

Only 25% of the trade turnover was exported in 2014

PMCG issued 2014 foreign trade date and review.

Tamar Jugheli Discusses about the Fiscal Risks

Tamar Jugheli, Research Director at PMCG, discusses about the steps that should be taken to avoid fiscal risks.

PMCG: If the economy will grow less than estimated, tax revenues will be less

Government should take appropriate steps to reduce budget costs and control budget deficit, namely: costs should be reduced in accordance with the reduced tax revenues. If the economy will grow only by 2% and inflation…

The country’s monetary and fiscal policy makers should coordinate

According to PMCG, Georgia’s economy may grow only by 2%. The organization explains that if inflation rate won’t exceed the forecasted one (4%), nominal GDP will grow only by 6%, that is lower (1 750…

What’s wrong with the economy: 5 questions to 8 experts

Tamar Jugheli, Research Director at PMC RC discusses about exchange rate. Three advices to people how to act in this situation: 1. Don’t panic, as speculations may aggravate citizens more; 2. In future, take loans…

Monetary crises and Georgian banks’ offer

Tamar Jugheli, Research Director at PMC RC at Radio Tavisupleba studio, discussing about the monetary crises and the offer from Georgian banks about the extension of the loan.

Why different companies are trying to use famous companies’ logos and trademarks

Niko Tevdorashvili, Senior Consultant in Marketing, PR and Communications at PMCG discusses about the reasons of why different companies are trying to use logo and trademark of the successful, famous companies

Falling Exchange Rate Discourages Bank Borrowing, Survey Shows

The ongoing dramatic devaluation of the Georgian Lari towards the USD is discouraging citizens from borrowing from banks for fear of not being able to repay the loans, a recent survey by The FINANCIAL has…

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