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Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement Providing Numerous Opportunities

Georgia’s export to China would increase by 9% approximately, in the short-term period including significant growth of wine exports (28.5%) and non-alcoholic drinks (36.7%). On the other hand, imports from China would increase by 1.7%.

What are the Benefits of Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement

Considering Georgia’s trade policy liberalization, it will not affect local producers and the growth of import. Taking into account all the effects, we can say that trade liberalization with China will contribute to the development…

Preliminary Results: Possible Outcomes of Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement

Growth in Chinese investments, including in infrastructure projects that will facilitate an increase in Asia-Europe trade flow and in the medical and financial sectors, under the framework of the new policy of the Chinese government…

Working on Adjara Development Strategy for 2016-2020 Years

The final document will be prepared in February 2016 and will develop priority areas correctly. 

Possible Consequences of Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement

The study has crucial importance, as further negotiations between the two countries about the agreement will be based on its results.The comparative analysis of Georgia’s foreign trade and trade with China shows that a free…

Setting the Standard: PMCG Wins the UNDP Gender Equality Awards

Over the years, PMCG has stood by its belief that women and men should be equally involved in decision-making processes. Indeed, in the pursuit of development, this devotion to gender equality is the only way…

Working Meeting Between Visegrad Countries, Moldova and Georgia

State Minister highlighted the importance of public-private dialogue about the economic benefits of the process of EU integration, especially emphasized the importance of CSO participation. 

Georgia and Moldova share experience on EU integration

International experts are gathering in Tbilisi for a knowledge-sharing workshop which will facilitate effective management of Georgia and Moldova's European Union (EU) integration.The two-day event started today and was organised by the PMC Research Centre,…

Visegrad Countries, Georgia and Moldova Discussing Challenges of EU Integration

The aim of the event was to assist Georgian and Moldovan businesses and governments to have a more coordinated dialogue on potential costs and benefits in the EU integration process and, more specifically, the timely…

Visegrad Countries Shared Experience of EU Integration to Georgia and Moldova

“Dialogue facilitation will support the government to implement the policy that will help small and medium businesses to be competitive on the European market. For the larger businesses, it is not a problem to introduce…

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