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Budget Deficit

Aleksi Aleksishvili, Member of Governing Board at PMC Research comments about budget deficit and economic growth rate.

Exchange Rate

What are the major factors affecting exchange rate? Mikheil Kukava, Economist at PMC Research.

WB Doing Business 2017

Aleksi Aleksishvili, Member of Governing Board at PMC Research discusses about The World Bank Doing Business 2017 report.

2016 Budget Implementation

Mikheil Kukava, Economist at PMC Research analyzes 2016 budget implementation by first 9 months.

What are Average Monthly Remuneration of Employees in 2016, I-II Quarters?

In the first half of 2016, compared to the corresponding period of 2015: Average monthly remuneration of employees increased by 5.4%; the highest growth in average monthly remuneration of employees was recorded in construction (12.9%)…

Assessing State Budget 2017

Mikheil Kukava, Economist at PMC Research discusses about the structure of Georgia’s budget.

Evaluating Economic Policy

Maia Grigolia, Research Director evaluates economic policy of the last four year in Georgia.

International Monetary Fund Annual Report

Mikheil Kukava discusses about main highlights from International Monetary Fund's annual report. 

Challenges of Introducing Renewable Energy Sources in Georgia

The importance and use of renewable energy sources (RES) has been raising in recent years on a global scale. Therefore, the significance of this issue is increasing for Georgia as well. However, Georgia has already…

Transit of Energy Resources from Iran via Georgia to Western Markets: Prospects, Risks, Challenges and Opportunities

Possibilities for energy transit from Iran to Georgia and further to the Western markets that have recently opened to energy supplies from Iran as international sanctions have been lifted. Iran, estimated to be the world's…

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